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From military maps to property maps, several types of historical maps are published in newspapers. Search for old maps in our online newspaper archives to discover American history and trace your ancestry.

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USA map

Country, Continent & World Maps

Discover the old world with colorful and detailed historical world maps, continental and country maps.

Explore old vintage maps from Europe, Asia, Africa and beyond and to learn about more your immigrant ancestors' countries of origin. These printable historic maps make memorable family keepsakes.

Cemetery & Burial Maps

Uncover the gravesites of your ancestors with old cemetery maps from America and other countries.

Find the old burial sites of your deceased relatives with historical cemetery maps from around the world.

Historical Military Maps

Explore the wars that impacted your ancestors' lives and shaped American history in old military maps.

Find historical maps of famous battles on land and at sea dating back to the 1700's. Our collection includes battle maps from the Revolutionary War, the American Civil War, World War I, World War II and more.

Old Property & Land Maps

You can locate the land your ancestor owned using the information found in historical land and property maps.

These old property maps can reveal ancestor names, names of neighbors and other nearby family members and give a glimpse into the local area surroundings in which our ancestors lived.

Historic Maps Found in Newspapers:

  • Land and Property Maps

  • Military & Battle Maps

  • Cemetery & Burial Maps

  • Full Color World Maps

  • Old Maps of Continents & Countries

Explore Your Ancestors' Lives, American History & the Old World with Historical Maps

You can find a wealth of information about your ancestry and American history researching historical maps. Old maps in newspapers are a key genealogical resource to explore your immigrant ancestor's country or countries of origin. Trace your ancestor's emigration to America with migration maps of routes, trails and roads.

Locate your ancestor's old residence to discover nearby schools, cemeteries and churches with old land and property maps. Historic maps of old local townships and U.S. cities can provide you with clues that will lead to additional resources to help branch out your family tree.

Explore your veteran ancestors' lives with military maps of famous battles that forever changed American history. Find war maps of the most legendary American battles from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, WWII and more.

Discover the old world with colorful and detailed historical world maps that illustrate continental and country boundaries. Learn more about your immigrant ancestors overseas homelands and see how political boundaries around the globe have changed over the course of time. These digitized historical maps are also printable so they can be kept as family artifacts!