Feature Article: Happy Family History Month

It might seem that every day, week or month has been designated a holiday—but October is OUR month: happy Family History Month!

Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, Georgia), 31 January 1993, page 11-D.

And what a great month it is for us: GenealogyBank turns six years old this month and has hit a record 1.3 billion records. And that total continues to grow, as every day we add more material online.

The key is that GenealogyBank is unlocking the past and restoring our family stories—right back to Colonial times.

My favorite is the memorialized recollections of Hannah (Clark) Lyman, who clearly remembered the earthquake of 1755.

That long-lost family story was discovered in GenealogyBank's online newspaper archives, as published in the Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, Massachusetts), 21 March 1832, page 3.

Don't let your family's heritage be lost. Dig in and use GenealogyBank to find, document and preserve your family history. Pass it on to the rising generation.