Monthly Update: GenealogyBank Just Added 21 Million More Records!

Every day, GenealogyBank is working hard to digitize more newspapers and obituaries, expanding our collection to give you the largest newspaper archives for family history research available online. We just completed adding 21 million more U.S. genealogy records, vastly increasing our content coverage from coast to coast!

Here are some of the details about our most recent U.S. newspaper additions:
  • A total of 62 newspaper titles from 21 U.S. states and the District of Columbia
  • 32 of these titles are newspapers added to GenealogyBank for the first time
  • Newspaper titles marked with an asterisk (*) are new to our online archives
  • We've shown the newspaper issue date ranges so that you can determine if the newly added content is relevant to your personal genealogy research
To see our newspaper archives' complete title lists, click here.

State City Title Start Date End Date
State City Title Start Date End Date
AL Mobile Alabama Staats-Zeitung 02/08/1917 02/08/1917
CA Martinez Martinez News-Gazette* 01/06/2009 Current
CA San Diego Evening Tribune 9/29/1908 12/31/1914
CA San Diego San Diego Union 05/12/1871 07/17/1905
DC Washington Daily Union 01/02/1846 12/31/1850
DC Washington  Evening Star 3/7/1913 2/9/1921
IL Chicago Chicago Crusader* 11/26/2011 Current
IL Peoria Journal Star 4/1/1951 3/31/1953
IL Springfield Daily Illinois State Journal 1/9/1907 3/23/1913
IL Springfield Daily Illinois State Register 4/1/1915 12/3/1922
IN Gary Gary Crusader* 12/03/2011 Current
LA Baton Rouge State Times Advocate 3/1/1933 7/30/1975
LA New Orleans Advocate, The: New Orleans Edition* 10/22/2012 Current
ME Biddeford Justice de Biddeford 09/16/1897 03/02/1950
ME Sanford Justice de Sanford 04/29/1926 12/06/1928
MD Baltimore American and Commercial Daily Advertiser 12/28/1850 06/30/1853
MA Boston American Traveller* 05/02/1862 10/21/1862
MA Boston Boston Herald 1/1/1851 12/30/1972
MA Boston Boston Traveller 10/1/1945 12/31/1951
MA Boston Boston Traveller* 10/02/1854 03/31/1864
MI Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Daily Argus* 11/16/1898 6/24/1907
MI Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Daily Times 10/15/1903 5/2/1908
MI Ann Arbor Ann Arbor Daily Times* 9/1/1903 12/29/1906
MI Ann Arbor Ann Arbor News-Argus* 6/25/1907 5/2/1908
MI Ann Arbor Michigan Argus* 10/17/1879 12/27/1907
MI Ann Arbor True Democrat* 12/19/1845 3/8/1849
MI Ypsilanti Ypsilanti Commercial* 4/17/1869 8/25/1898
NJ Collingswood Retrospect, The* 01/06/2012 Current
NJ Egg Harbor City Egg Harbor Pilot 10/17/1908 02/20/1915
NJ Newark Newark Daily Advertiser 12/28/1864 12/29/1866
NY New York Courrier des Etats-Unis 11/17/1859 01/26/1885
NY New York Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper 06/04/1870 10/28/1871
NY New York New Yorker Volkszeitung* 01/14/1894 02/27/1898
NY Plattsburgh Burgh, The* 08/05/2011 Current
NY Skaneateles Skaneateles Press* 08/04/2011 Current
NC Greensboro Greensboro Daily News 7/30/1939 2/12/1973
NC Greensboro Greensboro Record 9/13/1946 7/14/1964
OH Cincinnati Cincinnati Post 6/17/1885 6/26/1897
OK Bethany Bethany Tribune* 12/07/2012 Current
OK Fairland American, The* 10/04/2012 Current
OK Nowata Nowata Star* 10/03/2012 Current
OK Perry Perry Daily Journal* 12/04/2012 Current
OK Vinita Vinita Daily Journal, The* 11/10/2012 Current
OK Weatherford Weatherford Daily News* 11/27/2012 Current
PA Erie Erie Tageblatt 03/07/1899 04/20/1903
PA Harrisburg Unparteyische Harrisburg Morgenroethe Zeitung 02/03/1831 02/03/1831
PA Jeannette Jeannette Spirit, The* 11/15/2012 Current
PA Ligonier Ligonier Echo, The* 04/21/2011 Current
PA Monroeville North Journal* 04/12/2012 Current
PA Monroeville Times Express, The* 04/14/2011 Current
PA Penn Hills Plum Advance Leader* 11/08/2012 Current
PA Pittsburgh Druid 01/15/1929 03/01/1929
PA Pittsburgh National Labor Tribune 01/11/1941
PA Scottdale Independent-Observer, The* 04/21/2011 Current
PA South Hills South Hills Record* 11/07/2012 Current
SC Charleston Charleston News and Courier 2/21/1895 4/13/1910
SC Charleston Evening Post 5/26/1899 6/20/1922
TN Spring Hill Advertiser News, The* 05/14/2007 Current
TX Jasper Jasper Newsboy, The* 12/28/2005 Current
VA Richmond Richmond Times Dispatch 6/11/1944 9/15/1986
WA Ocean Shores North Coast News, The* 03/24/2009 03/23/2012
WI Milwaukee Wahrheit 12/22/1906 06/25/1910