Search Tips: Put Your Family Tree Online—Do It Now!

It seems like there is never enough time to get all of our family history "done." There is always another resource to check. Another letter to write.

Every month GenealogyBank adds millions of new records that we need to comb through to identify and document additional relatives, or find new stories about ancestors already on our family tree.

Like you, I have been working on my family history for a long time.

For years I prepared family tree charts with their corresponding family group sheets, copying them and circulating the "book" of the family history to my immediate family and cousins.

Then came genealogy software and I was able to print "books" of the family history in the familiar "Register" format to circulate to the family.

But now with the Internet we have easily accessible online family trees supported by commercial and free sites. I encourage you to sign up for two or more of these sites and to plant your family tree online. I use the Family Tree site on FamilySearch and on Ancestry and encourage you to use as many of the family tree sites as is practical so that your information will be preserved.

It seems that every day storm surges, power outages, or other problems interfere with our recording, preserving and passing down our family history.

Put your family tree online where it can be easily found by all of your cousins.

Putting your research online means that it is always preserved where everyone can find it—every day.

With your research online, it is safely preserved and easier to update.

Scan and add your family photographs to preserve them online too.

Credit: Tom Kemp —

Make sure that your family history is preserved and that your family photos are not lost.

Find your family's old stories in GenealogyBank's newspaper archives, record them and preserve them.

Make sure your family's story is not lost.

Make a plan.
Stick to it.
Do it now.