Discoveries: Family Heritage Restored to Fireman John Clark's Descendants

Dallas firemen restored the gravestones of eight first responders at the Oakland Cemetery in Texas and held a ceremony to honor those eight public servants who died in the line of duty.

One of those honored was John Clark, the first Dallas firefighter to give his life protecting the public; he died fighting a fire in 1902 that destroyed 23 buildings.

At the tribute ceremony, according to a recent article in the Dallas County News:

"Clark's granddaughters, Debra Dilord and Paula Wilson, huddled around his new gravestone.

"'Just the fact that he was important—and is important—to the fire department...we did not know this,' Wilson said."

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After the rededication service at the cemetery in southern Dallas, Texas, the family glanced at the neighboring tombstones and was surprised to find other immediate family members.

The stories of those ancestors were recorded in the 1902 Texas newspapers.

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