Search Passenger Lists in Newspapers 1704–1984

Search Passenger Lists in Newspapers 1704–1984

From immigrant ships to stage coaches, several types of passenger lists are published in newspapers. Search thousands of passenger lists in our expansive online newspaper archive to trace your American ancestry.

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Passenger List Search Tips

Search Passenger Lists By State

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  1. Newspaper article of ships arriving with immigrants
  2. Newspaper article of ships carrying people within the United States
  3. Newspaper article of passengers on stage coaches
  4. Newspaper article of ship disaster lists

  1. Ships Arriving
    with Immigrants
  2. Ships Carrying People Within the United States
  3. Passengers on Stage Coaches
  4. Ship Disaster Lists

  1. Trace your immigrant ancestry with ship passenger lists printed in historical newspapers.

    These lists contain the names of the passengers aboard immigration ships and the ports where they arrived in America. Covering all major American sea ports, these ship passenger lists include records of immigrants arriving at popular naturalization destinations such as Ellis Island, New York.

  2. Trace the travels of your ancestors as they set sail on passenger ships to new destinations within the United States in our online newspaper archives.

    Discover the names of passengers aboard these ships in these lists. These ship passenger lists also often contain information about other family members that are traveling alongside the named passenger providing helpful clues for further genealogy research.

  3. Stagecoaches were the lifeline for many towns in the American Wild West period throughout the latter half of the 1800s.

    Early American newspapers often published stagecoach passenger lists, providing the names of our ancestors as they arrived at their destinations. These old stagecoach lists also frequently provide additional clues about family history for further research.

  4. Newspapers contain a great deal of information about ship disasters, covering the details of these tragic events and offering lists that give the names of the dead and the surviving passengers.

    Trace your ancestry in ship disaster lists ranging from tragedies such as the Titanic cruise ship sinking to U.S. military disasters like the torpedoing of USS Indianapolis.

Passenger Lists Found in Newspapers:
  • Ships Arriving with Immigrants

  • Ships Carrying People within the United States

  • Passengers on Stage Coaches

  • Ship Disaster Lists

And many more!

Search Passenger Lists for Names, Countries of Origin—and Family Stories
Passenger lists are another great resource you can find in our online newspaper archive to help with your genealogy research. These newspaper passenger lists can be generated by different modes of travel, and are often packed with names and other
genealogical details such as countries of origin and places of residence. These travel records can reveal vivid moments in your ancestors' lives as they traveled by sea on passenger ships to America and pioneered the new frontier.
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Passenger Lists Search Tips

Use this search to find passenger lists printed for ships, stagecoaches, trains, riverboats, etc., in the historical newspaper archives. These are passenger lists as published in old newspapers for waiting friends and family at the arrival destination, or interested friends and family at the departing location.

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Leave the First Name search field blank. If you are using a name in quotation marks, it is particularly important to run the search with the last name first in this category. This will find the entry in the passenger list.


"Snow, Charles"

Put the location they are leaving from (country, state, county, town) and then narrow it down by adding a date range.

You can also search for passenger lists by the name of ship, country, or name of area (state, county, town) in the Include Keywords field.

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