Search Tables & Charts in Newspapers 1735–1999

Search Tables & Charts in Newspapers 1735–1999

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Table & Chart Search Tips

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  1. Old Almanacs & Weather Reports
  2. Stock Charts & Trend Graphs
  3. Sports Records & Charts

  1. Old Almanacs & Weather Reports
  2. Stock Charts & Trend Graphs
  3. Sports Records & Charts

  1. Research the weather conditions and meteorological climates that our ancestors lived in with historical weather records. Explore our country's past weather and discover how it has changed over time with weather-related newspaper articles dating back to the 1700s.

    You can find old daily almanac weather reports and bulletins printed in newspapers in our historical newspaper archives. Search weather history by city, week, day and time in old weather tables, almanacs and meteorological records. Find historical tide charts, sun and moon rise/set times, daily temperatures and more online.

  2. Historical stock charts can reveal times of market volatility and periods of stable economic growth in which our ancestors lived and did business. You can find old stock charts dating back to the 1800s in our historical newspaper archives.

    Discover old American stock market indices for the NYSE, NASDAQ, Dow Jones and more. Search stock price charts for current and old companies by date and company name online. Get insight into the economic history of the U.S. with old graphs that depict market indicators and trends.

  3. Explore American sports history with sports records and charts that date from the 1800s up to recent times. There are a variety of sports records in newspapers that can help you discover more about your athlete ancestors, as well as your favorite players and sports teams in our newspaper archives.

    Newspapers thoroughly cover all types of sports at every level, including: high school, college, major league professional sports and the Olympics. Find historical sports statistics and charts for all popular American sports like football, basketball, baseball, golf and tennis. Peruse player ratings including passing, receiving, rushing, pitching and hitting stats. Explore rankings and win-loss records for famous NFL, NBA, MLB and PGA sports teams, players and Olympians online.

Tables & Charts Found in Newspapers:
  • Daily Weather Almanacs

  • Stock Tables & Trend Graphs

  • Sports Records & Charts

And many more!

Historical Tables, Graphs & Charts in Newspapers

Old daily almanacs, stock charts and sports statistics are just a few of the many types of old tables and charts that were commonly printed in newspapers. These historical newspaper tables provide interesting insights into the times in which our ancestors lived.

Explore the day-to-day weather they experienced with old meteorological forecasts.

Research the economic climate that affected their work lives and businesses in historical stock charts and market trend graphs. Discover sports statistics tables for every type of American sport, from the beginning of popular sports up to the present day, to learn more about your athlete ancestors and favorite teams.

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Tables & Charts Search Tips

Use this search to find articles containing almanacs, weather reports, sports stats and stock charts in the historical newspaper archives. This online collection contains a variety of types of tables and charts as published in U.S. newspapers from 1735–1999.

Broad Table & Chart Search

Use only the ancestor’s surname for your initial query to receive the maximum number of matching tables and charts in your results.

Narrow Your Tables & Charts Search

If your ancestor has a very common name put their full name in "quotation marks" in the Last Name field to narrow record results. Leave the First Name field blank. If you are using an ancestor’s name in quotation marks, it is particularly important to run the search with the last name first in this category. This will find their name entry in the table or chart list.


"Snow, Charles" in the Last Name field.

To narrow down your search you may also try using a date range.

Search Stock Charts by Keyword

Newspaper articles in this collection include historical stock charts and tables. Try including keywords such as "stocks," "stock market," "exchange," and "statistics" in the Include Keywords field if you seek stock-related information.

If you know the name of the company or stock exchange, also try entering those into the Include Keywords field.


"New York Stock Exchange" OR "NYSE"

Note that you can also locate stock tables and financial articles in the Commodity and Stocks collection.

Search Sports Records by Keyword

Try including the sport name and/or sports team name in the Include Keywords field when searching for sports records and charts.



"Chicago White Sox"

Unclaimed Letters

Note that letters held at the post office are included in this category. Search for these lists by entering "lists of letters" and "unclaimed" in the Include Keywords field.

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