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What was added for the Philadelphia Public Ledger? I don’t seem to see anything new.

A: We added 270 more back issues of the Public Ledger in May.

(One of the 270 issues - Public Ledger 30 Jun 1865)It is easy to search ONLY the 270 issues that were added in May 2009.To search only the 270 back issues that were added to the Public Ledger do the following: Tip: We have set-up a search page for each of the thousands of newspapers on GenealogyBank.1. Go to the Public Ledger search page. Click here to go to that page.2. Then narrow your search to the most recent content added - the 270 back issues added in May 2009. See image below: 3. Use the drop down menu and select May 20094. Now that you have narrowed your search - Enter your search terms and Begin searching.Let me know if this answers your question.All the best,Tom Search Now!

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