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Sermons Jarvis, Samuel F. (Samuel Farmar), 1786-1851. 1816-01-01
Sermons Taylor, Nathaniel W. (Nathaniel William), 1786-1858. 1816-01-01
Sermons Batchelder, William, 1768-1818. 1816-01-01
Sermons Stanford, John, 1754-1834. 1816-01-01
Sermons Ely, Ezra Stiles, 1786-1861. 1816-01-01
Sermons Richards, James, 1767-1843. 1816-01-01
Sermons Staniford, Daniel, 1753-1829 or 30. 1816-01-01
Sermons Bowen, Nathaniel, 1779-1839. 1816-01-01
Sermons Pomeroy, Jonathan L. (Jonathan Law), 1768-1836. 1816-01-01
Sermons Bradford, James, 1786-1858. 1816-01-01
Travel literature Brackenridge, H. M. (Henry Marie), 1786-1871. 1816-01-01
Travel literature Johnston, Robert, 1783-1839. 1816-01-01
Memoirs Goodale, Tirzah, 1791-1814. 1816-01-01
Travel literature White, Joshua E., d. 1820. 1816-01-01
Memorials 1816-01-01
Memorials 1816-01-01
Directories Robinson, James. 1816-01-01
Elements of geography, designed for young students in that science. In six sections. Sect. I. Of the solar system. Sect. II. Of the earth, in particular. Sect. III. Of maps and globes. The three foregoing sections contain the scientific, or astronomical part of geography, digested in a clear and comprehensive manner. Sect. IV. Of the different religions, governments, languages, civilization, and commerce of nations, with an outline of political history. Sect. V. Of political divisions of the earth, into empires, kingdoms; &c., or the historical part of geography. Sect. VI. Of chronology. By Benjamin Workman, A.M. Illustrated with, 1. A map of the world. 2. A plate of the solar system. 3. A plate of the seasons. 4. A globe in a darkened room. 5. A representation of eclipses. 6. A map of North America. 7. A map of the United States. 8. A map of South America. 9. A map of Europe. 10. A map of Asia. 11. A map of Africa.
Maps Workman, Benjamin. 1816-01-01
Maps Picket, Albert, 1771-1850. 1816-01-01
Maps Morse, Jedidiah, 1761-1826. 1816-01-01
Sermons Blake, John Lauris, 1788-1857. 1816-01-01
Sermons Orton, Job, 1717-1783. 1816-01-01
Sermons Porter, Stephen, 1781-1868. 1816-01-01
Sermons Hobart, John Henry, 1775-1830. 1816-01-01
Sermons Everest, Cornelius B. (Cornelius Bradford), 1789-1870. 1816-01-01


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