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Sermons Fuller, Stephen, 1757-1816. 1801-01-01
Sermons Barker, Joseph, 1751-1815. 1801-01-01
Directories Stafford, Cornelius William. 1801-01-01
Directories Robinson, James. 1801-01-01
Memorials 1801-01-01
Sermons Occom, Samson, 1723-1792. 1801-01-01
Sermons Ramsay, David, 1749-1815. 1801-01-01
Biographies Weems, M. L. (Mason Locke), 1759-1825. 1801-01-01
Sermons Leland, John, 1754-1841. 1801-01-01
Sermons Alden, Timothy, 1771-1839. 1801-01-01
Sermons Strong, Nathan, 1748-1816. 1801-01-01
Biographies Petit, Joseph. 1801-01-01
Discourses to the aged: on the following subjects: viz. the difference between the activity of youth, and the infirmities of age. Barzillai's refusal of David's invitation to Jerusalem. The fruitfulness of aged Christians. Caleb's reflection on the goodness and faithfulness of God to him. The design and improvement of useless days, and wearisome nights. God's promise to bear and deliver his aged servants. Israel's journey through the wilderness, an emblem of of [sic] the Christian's state on earth. The outward man decaying, and the inward man renewing. Jacob's acknowledgement of the divine care, and blessing his grand-children. Joseph's dying assurance to his brethren that God would visit them. The honour of aged piety. The joy of the aged in leaving their descendants prosperous, peaceful, and pious. The hand of God in removing our friends far from us. The assurance of rest and future glory given to aged Daniel. By Job Orton. [Four lines of Scripture text]
Sermons Orton, Job, 1717-1783. 1801-01-01
Sermons Freeman, Jonathan, 1765-1822. 1801-01-01
Sermons Murray, John, 1742-1793. 1801-01-01
Sermons Owen, John, 1616-1683. 1801-01-01
Sermons Kunze, John C. (John Christopher), 1744-1807. 1801-01-01
Sermons Goddard, Josiah, 1768-1836. 1801-01-01
Sermons Worcester, Leonard, 1767-1846. 1801-01-01
Sermons Foster, Joel, 1755-1812. 1801-01-01
Memoirs Brayton, Patience, 1733-1794. 1801-01-01
Memorials 1801-01-01
Memorials Tod, George, 1773-1841. 1801-01-01
The American universal geography, or, A view of the present state all the empires, kingdoms, states, and republics in the known world, and of the United States in particular. In two parts. The first part treats of astronomical geography, and other useful preliminaries o the study of geography ... The second part describes at large, and from the latest and best authorities, the present state ... of the eastern continent ... To which are added, an improved catalogue of names of places, and their geographical situation, alphabetically arranged--an enlarged chronological table of remarkable events, from the Creation to the present time--a list of ancient and learned and eminent men--and a table of all the monies of the world, reduced to the federal currency. The whole comprehending a complete and improved system of modern geography. Calculated for Americans. Illustrated with ten maps. By Jedidiah Morse, D.D. Minister of the Congregational Church in Charlestown. Published according to act of Congress. Part II. Containing an improved geographical description of the eastern continent and islands.
Maps Morse, Jedidiah, 1761-1826. 1801-01-01
Sermons Bishop, Abraham, 1763-1844. 1801-01-01


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