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Why Search Obituaries for Family History Research?

An obituary search is more than just knowing when your ancestor died. Obituaries are mini-narratives of a person’s life highlighting major happenings between "born on" and "deceased on." Discover how your ancestors lived, loved, and how they were remembered. Most of all, an obituary search is often the missing link or the key starting point for learning more about your family history. Although obituaries published in newspapers cannot replace the official death records, you can learn critical details about your ancestors. Some of the facts you can find in obituaries & death notices:

  • Name, place and year of birth
  • Names of children, where they lived, and their position in the family's birth order
  • Names of the towns and cities of residence and how long they lived in each one
  • Age of spouse (husband, wife) at death and how long ago that was
  • Details on the longevity of parents and grandparents
  • Name of cemetery, date and place of the funeral and burial

GenealogyBank’s Obituary Archives

Our obituary archives include over 250 million newspaper obituaries and death records covering over 327 years from over 9,000 newspapers. And new obituary records are added daily. You can search for obituaries by name, state, city or newspaper publication to narrow your search. Our obituary database is comprised of two collections, recent and historical obituaries.

Historical Obituaries - Ancestor’s Death Records Before 1977

If you’re looking for a relative who died before 1977 search our historical obituary collection with records dating back to 1704.

Find millions of obituaries online

Recent Obituaries - Newspaper Obituaries Published 1977–Today

Search text-only versions of recent obituaries exactly as they were published in the newspapers.

  • Obituaries are added daily and include obituaries for tomorrow’s publications.
  • Using the same feed as newspapers, the recent obituary collection allows you to find and access obituaries as they're published. 


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