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Date: January 1, 1811
Genre: Sermons
Author: Bellamy, Joseph, 1719-1790.
The American universal geography, or, A view of the present state of all the kingdoms, states, and colonies in the known world. In two volumes. The first volume contains a copious introduction, adapted to the present improved state of astronomical science--a brief geography of the earth--a general description of America--an account of North-America, and its various divisions, particularly of the United States--a general account of the West-Indies, and of the four groupes [sic] of islands into which they are naturally divided, and a minute account of the several islands--a general description of South-America, and a particular account of its various states and provinces--and a brief description of the remaining American islands. The second volume contains a geography of the Eastern continent--a general description of Europe, and a minute account of its various kingdoms and states--a general description of Asia, its kingdoms, provinces, and islands--an account of the numerous islands arranged by modern geographers under the names of Austral Asia and Polynesia--a general description of Africa, and a particular account of its various states and islands. To which are added an abridgement of the last census of the United States--a chronological table of remarkable events from the creation to this time--an improved list of ancient and modern learned and eminent men--and a copious index to the whole work. The whole comprehending a complete system of modern geography. Accompanied by a new and elegant general atlas of the world, containing (in a separate volume,) sixty three maps, comprising, as far as they could be obtained, all the latest discoveries to the present time. By Jedidiah Morse, D.D. F.A.A. S.H.S. Minister of the Congregational church in Charlestown. Sixth edition. Arranged on a new plan, and improved in every part by a laborious examination of most of the late respectable voyages and travels, in Europe and Asia, by a free use of the information in the abridgement of Pinkerton's excellent geography, and by the admirable statistical tables of Hassel. Volume I[-II].
Date: January 1, 1812
Genre: Gazetteers
Author: Morse, Jedidiah, 1761-1826.


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