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O M Mastin
House of Representatives - State of Alabama
Birmingham age-herald
Birmingham, Alabama
November 18, 1894 - Page 10

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Birmingham state herald
Birmingham, Alabama
June 25, 1896 - Page 3

Clipped 4 days ago

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Bailey kids Selma
Birmingham age-herald
Birmingham, Alabama
April 20, 1907 - Page 4

Clipped 1 month ago

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Halsey rayburn moore
Birmingham News
Birmingham, Alabama
February 2, 1964 - Page 73

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Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in Birmingham newspapers. Get to know your ancestors' stories—the lives they lived, their hardships and triumphs. Family trees are just not complete without the details available in Birmingham newspapers.


Once known as the “Magic City” due to its abundance of minerals and iron, Birmingham, Alabama has been an influential city from the day it was founded. If you have Greek, Lebanese or Italian relatives who immigrated to the U.S. in the late 1880s, they may have landed in Birmingham, Alabama.


Find out when you search GenealogyBank’s Birmingham news archives. Our online database of full newspapers includes announcements, obituaries, classifieds and more - all providing invaluable insights into the daily lives of our ancestors. Dating back to 1894, you’ll find Birmingham news archives from the major publications, Age-HeraldBirmingham CourierThe Labor Advocate, and Wide Awake. These newspapers are chalk full of interesting stories and historical events that are just waiting to be uncovered.

History of Birmingham, Alabama

Founded in 1873, Birmingham, Alabama quickly became an expansive and booming industrial city because of its successful iron and steel industries. Aside from its high concentration of iron ore, limestone, and coal, Birmingham was also known for its railroad industry. By the mid 19th century, Birmingham had one of the most prominent railroad systems throughout all of the southern states.

In Birmingham’s early days, immigrants from many different countries landed there to work in the mills and mines. Large numbers of Greece, Lebanon, and Italy immigrants came to Birmingham to find work in the newly founded city. In addition to working in the mills, immigrants found jobs in hotels, grocery stores and operated food carts. If your family heritage includes are Greek, Lebanese or Italian roots, your ancestors may have helped build up Birmingham into the city it has become today!

Find out if your family members were one of the settlers who called Birmingham home and discover their stories as captured in Birmingham, Alabama newspapers. For a better understanding of your family’s past, search our Birmingham news archives. With just a name and date, you can discover articles, obituaries, wedding and birth announcements, classifieds, and much more. 



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