Arkansas Gazette (Little Rock, Arkansas) Newspaper Archives (1820 - 1991)

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Get ready to uncover your ancestry with our Arkansas Gazette Newspaper Archives and online database. Newspapers can be a critical resource when uncovering your family’s history. That’s why at GenealogyBank we have created a database that contains thousands of old articles, obituaries, and announcements that hold the untold stories of your ancestors. Now is the perfect opportunity to learn the details of your heritage with our Arkansas Gazette Newspaper Archives. 

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History of the Arkansas Gazette

Once known as the oldest newspaper west of the Mississippi River, the Arkansas Gazette served as a local source of news for Little Rock and the rest of the state of Arkansas. This specific publication began in 1820 and covered all major national historical events until 1991.


One of the most significant events that happened in Little Rock during these years was the Civil War. Many battles were fought on Arkansas soil and the Union forces even occupied Little Rock during the year of 1863. Although the entire United States felt the effects of the Civil War, Little Rock was especially affected and endured many repercussions during this period of hardships and turmoil.


The Arkansas Gazette was around to capture and preserve defining historical American events that took place right on their very own land. If you are from this area, it is possible that your ancestors had been affected during the years of the American Civil War. To gain a greater appreciation on your family heritage, use our Arkansas Gazette Newspaper Archives that cover the years from 1820 to 1991.


With just a name and date, you will be able to access a world of information right at your fingertips. To learn more about American history and your ancestry rooted in Little Rock, Arkansas, search our Arkansas Gazette Newspaper Archives.

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