Arkansas Newspaper Archives (1819 - 1999) 

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Discover Your Family History in Arkansas Newspaper Archives

Discover stories and details about your ancestors from the Natural State with our Arkansas Newspaper archives. Our collection of newspaper archives date back to the year 1819, when Arkansas became a territory after the Louisiana Purchase. Learn more about your family history by tracing your ancestors who lived and worked in Arkansas. Find details including if your ancestors fought in the Mexican-American War helping Texas gain independence from Mexico and more. With hundreds of articles in popular publications such as the El Dorado News-Times and Arkansas Times, you’re sure to uncover new facts about your family heritage.

Arkansas Genealogy in Newspapers

Learn more than names and dates on your family tree or fill in the missing information with the details found in newspaper archives. Use the stories preserved in newspapers to learn valuable details about our ancestors and learn about the person behind the name.

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