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Were your ancestors one of the hundreds of thousands of people who traveled to San Francisco during the Gold Rush? What was life like for these settlers? Learn the answers to these questions and discover what life was like for your ancestors when you search old San Francisco newspapers. With invaluable details into your family history that just can’t be found anywhere else, newspapers give you more than just names and dates of your ancestors. 

History of San Francisco

In 1848, San Francisco experienced a spike in its population when James W. Marshall found gold near Sacramento. As soon as news spread about the discovery of gold in the west coast, California was invaded by a wave of settlers not only from the United States but worldwide. Overnight, San Francisco transformed from a small settlement to a thriving port town with a booming economy.

By the 1860’s, San Francisco was a developing, industrial city. Neighborhoods were being built throughout the area to accommodate its rapidly growing population. Due to its strong economy, major corporations made San Francisco their home base, which are still there to this day.

Were your ancestors in San Francisco during the 1903 Earthquake and Fire, or did they help construct the Golden Gate Bridge? Use our San Francisco news archives to learn more about your ancestry and understand the part your family played in the major San Francisco events. Our extensive genealogy records include announcements, articles, and as well as obituaries published in San Francisco newspapers. All of these provide details and new information on your family lineage. Begin your search today to trace your ancestry. 

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