Georgia Newspaper Archives (1763 - 2003) 

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Explore your family history in Georgia.

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Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in Georgia newspapers. Get to know your ancestors' stories—the lives they lived, their hardships and triumphs. Family trees are just not complete without the details available in GA newspapers.

Find Your Family History in Georgia’s Newspaper Archives

As the fourth U.S. state, Georgia’s newspaper archives include stories of our early ancestors. Georgia’s history was defined by many pivotal eras including the Antebellum period, the Civil War, reconstruction, Postbellum, the Progressive era, the Civil Rights movements and more. Discover how these events shaped your ancestor's lives and the traditions passed down through generations.

Georgia Genealogy in Newspapers

Our collection of recent and historical newspaper articles includes publications across the state dating back to 1763. Our collection of Georgia newspaper archives includes digitized publications from the largest cities to small towns. Search popular newspaper titles including the Elberton Star & Examiner, Ledger Enquirer, Cherokee Phoenix and more.

These valuable genealogy resources provide insight into the daily lives of our ancestors. Each local newspaper covered the news, reported on community events, and recorded the births, marriages, and deaths of the people in the community. Learn more than just names and dates when you search our Georgia newspaper archives.

Our collection includes Georgia historical newspapers and recent archives to help you discover unknown stories of your ancestors. Get to know the people behind to the names of your family tree. Discover your Georgia genealogy and your family history today!

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