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ana b overstreet cb overstreet hugh overstreet registrations
Brunswick News
Brunswick, Georgia

Clipped 11 hours ago

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Aunt Essie and Sam Crawford
Augusta Chronicle
Augusta, Georgia

Clipped 1 day ago

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Augusta Chronicle
Augusta, Georgia

Clipped 1 day ago

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david_gail_mcentyre_adams birth
Marietta Journal
Marietta, Georgia

Clipped 2 days ago

Find Your Family History in Georgia Newspaper Archives

As the fourth U.S. state, Georgia’s newspaper archives include stories of our early ancestors. Georgia’s history was defined by many pivotal eras including the Antebellum period, the Civil War, reconstruction, Postbellum, the Progressive era, the Civil Rights movements and more. Discover how these events shaped your ancestor's lives and the traditions passed down through generations.

Newspaper clipping on still raids in Georgia

Georgia Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Newspaper archives are valuable genealogy resources provide insight into the daily lives of our ancestors. Find recent and historical newspaper articles dating back to 1763 and discover how key events in American history changed the lives of your ancestors and shaped your family history. From the everyday community news to national events, newspapers recorded the daily lives of our ancestors. Find birth and marriage announcements as well as obituaries and death notices. Learn more than just names and dates when you search Georgia newspaper archives.

Our collection of Georgia newspaper archives includes digitized publications from large cities to small towns. Search popular newspaper titles including the Elberton Star & Examiner, Ledger Enquirer, Cherokee Phoenix and more.

Uncover the unknown stories of your ancestors and get to know the people behind the names of your family tree. Discover your Georgia genealogy and your family history today!