Register Star (Rockford, Illinois) Newspaper Archives (1979 - 2008)

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Tracing Your Genealogy in The Rockford Register Star

Settled by New Englanders back in 1834, Rockford, Illinois became an industrial city with a diverse culture. This city was actually one of the main settlements for Swedish immigrants. Although for many, Rockford was not the planned destination city, they called it home after making it through New York and encountering challenges en route to Chicago. These immigrants had a significant influence on the area as well as its booming furniture industry.

If you have family from Rockford, Illinois, or Swedish heritage, it is possible they were among the first New Englanders or Swedes who ventured to this land back in the 1800’s. Discover your ancestors through our Register Star newspaper archives.  

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History of the Rockford Register Star

The Rockford Register Star did not become an official publication until 1979 when The Register-Republic and The Morning Star merged together. Find historic newspaper articles dating back to the Rockford Register Star’s first edition in 1979 all the way through 2008. Find unknown stories of your grandparents and great-great grandparents and other relatives and learn about their lives in Rockford, Illinois.  

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