Springfield, Illinois, Newspaper Archives (1831 - 2008)

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Springfield, Illinois Newspaper Archives

Springfield, IL newspapers offer a world of historical information that can help you paint a clearer picture of the lives of your ancestors. These local Springfield newspapers have played a pivotal role in American history, especially for Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and the civil war.

From obituaries to wedding announcements, our newspaper archives provide much more than just dates and names. Our extensive Springfield, Illinois newspaper archives hold stories of our ancestors that simply cannot be found anywhere else. At GenealogyBank, our archives include articles from 46 publications including the Illinois Record, Daily Illinois State Journal, Illinois Conservator, and many more!

History of  Springfield, Illinois Newspapers:

In 1831, the first daily paper in Springfield, the State Journal-Register, was started. This paper was famous for not only being one of the first in Illinois but also for its connection to Abraham Lincoln. Over the years, the State Journal-Register supported Abraham Lincoln’s political career in many ways.

Prior to the civil war, Lincoln used the State Journal-Register’s office quite frequently. In fact, this office is where Lincoln waited anxiously to hear if he would be elected as the Republican candidate in 1860. Lincoln’s election was a complete shock in American history considering the Democratic party had consistently dominated in every election. His election was the beginning of a new era in American history, and local Illinois newspapers were there to capture it all.

In addition to showcasing historical moments, our  Springfield Illinois newspaper archives hold stories of your family history and can help you develop an understanding of your ancestor’s lives. Our easy to use and comprehensive database holds articles, obituaries, and historical documents to help you learn more about your family history. 

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