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David Crockett
Killed rats in corn crib
Leavenworth Daily Times
Leavenworth, Kansas

Clipped 12 days ago

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Maude Joy
Maude and Will and children visit Ella Lamphear
Kansas agitator
Garnett, Kansas

Clipped 12 days ago

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Grandpa Roy Trauma
Topeka state journal
Topeka, Kansas

Clipped 15 days ago

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Emporia Gazette
Emporia, Kansas

Clipped 17 days ago

Find Your Family History in Kansas Newspaper Archives

Uncover stories and details about your ancestors with Kansas newspaper archives dating back to 1841. Kansas was opened for settlement by the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854, which turned it into a battle field that helped cause the Civil War. Settlers from the North and the South came in order to vote slavery up or down. What role did your ancestors play in the local history of Kansas? Did your ancestors participate in voting slavery up or down?

Learn about your ancestors today by taking back lost family stories. Kansas played a prominent role in American history and your ancestors could be a part of it. Search publications such as Wichita City Eagle and Catch It Kansas.

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Kansas Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Discover local and national events by searching our collection of digital newspaper archives. Newspapers are an important genealogy records that can trace ancestry and find valuable information about your family history. This information can include birth and death announcements and marriage announcements. With hundreds of articles you’re sure to find more than a few family stories in our Kansas historical newspaper collection. Find and preserve your family’s culture and traditions.