Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana) Newspaper Archives (1837 - 1991)

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Times-Picayune Newspaper Archives

At GenealogyBank, we preserve historical events of New Orleans through our Times Picayune News archives. Our database of Times Picayune historical archives  is an extensive collection of articles, local news updates, marriage and birth announcements, as well as Times Picayune obituaries to help you uncover stories of your ancestors.

Fill in the missing pieces and add details beyond dates to your family tree with the Times Picayune archives. With full newspapers including images published between 1837 and 1988, discover the daily American life of New Orleans and Louisiana.

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Times Picayune Newspaper History

In 1837, the first edition of the The Picayune was published named for the original price - one picayune (a Spanish coin).  This local newspaper was created by Francis Lumsden and George Wilkins Kendall. Initially, The Picayune struggled to gain popularity throughout New Orleans. It wasn’t until Eliza Jane Nicholson inherited the company that it finally saw success. Mrs. Nicholson try adding interesting sections to the publication such as children’s pages and the first women’s advice column. With just a few adjustments, The Picayune nearly tripled its circulation within a few years.

In 1914, The Picayune merged with their main rival, the New Orleans Times-Democrat, becoming the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Throughout history, the Times Picayune has been a reliable newspaper for the New Orleans area. At GenealogyBank, we have curated a wide range of New Orleans Times Picayune articles. With just a quick and easy search, you can access endless historical newspaper articles from all over the United States. Uncover your family history with our Times Picayune archives.

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