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Daily exchange
Baltimore, Maryland

Clipped 2 days ago

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Running for Commissioner Dorchester Co
Easton Star 5 Aug 1845
Easton Star
Easton, Maryland

Clipped 3 days ago

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Henry Robinson brickyard
American and Commercial Daily Advertiser
Baltimore, Maryland

Clipped 6 days ago

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Died Richard F Redmiles
Baltimore, Maryland

Clipped 7 days ago

Find Your Family History in Maryland Newspaper Archives

Discover the stories of our colonial ancestors who lived in the center of the Eastern Seaboard - Maryland. Search our collection of Maryland newspapers and dive into the rich history that influenced your ancestor's lives. Find out if your ancestors were one of the brave fighters during the American Revolution - nicknamed the “Maryland Line”. Or perhaps your ancestors fought during the brutal Battle of Antietam - one of the major battles of the Civil War. Our newspapers date back to 1728 and contain a wealth of information to help you learn more about how your ancestors lived, what roles they played in their communities and more!

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Maryland Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Whether your ancestors lived or worked in Maryland, details of their lives may be preserved in the local papers. Newspapers are valuable genealogical tools that not only contain local and national news, but also valuable details to help you track down the official vital records. Newspapers captured the day-to-day stories and news of the local community including exciting birth and marriage announcements, photos and more giving us clues into our family history. Use our collection of newspaper archives to understand how your ancestors lived and worked in Maryland and uncover the events that helped to shape their lives - and consequently, yours! Search our newspaper archives online and learn more about your Maryland genealogy. Find Your Ancestors & Their Story Today!