Boston Evening Transcript (Boston, Massachusetts) Newspaper Archives (1842 - 1866)

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Boston Evening Transcript Archives

The Boston Evening Transcript is of major importance compared to other publications from its time. This in part is due to the fact that the paper had a genealogy section. This section was a direct source for local Bostonians to learn more about their personal heritage, which is now a prized gem for many historians today. The Boston Transcript Genealogy section was the only one of it’s kind, and still provides rare insights for Bostonians today.

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History of the Boston Transcript:

The Boston Evening Transcript came out with their first publication in 1830, founded by James Wentworth and Henry Dutton, who were the state’s printers at the time.

James and Henry decided to produce an evening penny paper instead of a traditional morning paper to differentiate themselves from their competitors. A man by the name of Lynde Walter saw opportunity in their unique approach and joined the Wentworth and Dutton team as the new editor of the Boston Evening Transcript.

After Walter passed away in 1842, his sister, Cornelia Wells Walter, took over as editor. This transition was a major historical event in Massachusett as there had never been a woman in such a prestigious position for a large American publication company until this point in history.

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