Boston Herald (Boston, Massachusetts) Newspaper Archives (1848 - 1992)

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Were one of your family members among the brave union fighters that fought in the American Civil War? If you are from Massachusetts, it’s likely that your ancestors were involved in one of the many defining historical events that took place during 1848 to 1992.

Boston, Massachusetts is a major city that suffered from many battles during the American Revolution. Even though this period is over, we are now able to relive these exhilarating stories and critical accounts through newspapers and other important historical records that have been saved through newspaper articles and publications. 

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History of the Boston Herald Newspaper 

One important publication that was around during the American Revolution was the Boston Herald newspaper. This paper aimed to be independent when it came to religion and politics. According to the paper’s first editor, William O. Eaton, The Herald was meant to deliver reliable local and global news to the public without being one-sided or opinionated.

By 1917, the paper company bought out one of their rivals, which made both The Herald Newspaper and The Boston Journal under the same ownership. Throughout the 20th century, the Boston Herald Newspaper remained a reliable media source for local Bostonians and other nearby counties.

At GenealogyBank, our extensive database covers The Boston Herald Newspaper from the years of 1848 to 1992. These Boston Herald archives include valuable information, stories, and photographs that can provide you with key insight into your family lineage. If you are interested in learning more about yourself, now is the perfect opportunity to begin your search.

Our helpful library of digital resources will provide you with much more than just a name and date. The GenealogyBank collection of newspaper archives are full of fascinating stories and information just waiting to be uncovered. Get started now with our comprehensive database of information. 

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