Columbian Centinel (Boston, Massachusetts) Newspaper Archives (1790 - 1840)

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If you have family from the Boston area, it is possible that your ancestors living or working in Boston may have been involved in some of America’s most defining events. Find out what life was like for them just after American Independence and discover the untold stories of your ancestors in our Columbian Centinel newspaper archives.


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Boston, Massachusetts (1790-1840)

After the American Revolution ended, Boston boomed as a thriving port city with both local and international trade. By the turn of the 19th century, Boston had become one of the wealthiest international trading cities due to its high supply of tobacco, rum, salt, and fish as well of it’s pristine location in the Massachusetts Bay. The city also developed a prosperous manufacturing industry, which included leather goods, garment products, and machinery. By the 1850’s, Boston also had an extensive railroad system that bolstered the city’s successful industries.

Were you ancestors involved in building Boston's railroad or were they one of the early mill workers...? Their stories are waiting captured in the pages of the Columbian Centinel. Trace your family history and find more than just the names of your ancestors. Discover what daily life was like for them.

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