Springfield, Massachusetts, Newspaper Archives (1782 - 1989)

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Springfield, Massachusetts Newspaper Archives

Learn more about your family heritage with our Springfield MA newspaper archives. Our extensive database of local articles, full publications, and obituaries offers more than just a date or name. At GenealogyBank, we strive to uncover your family history through stories and historical events captured in old publications.

Our Springfield Massachusetts newspaper archives focuses on Western Massachusetts communities from 1782 to 1989.  These archives include newspaper titles from Federal Spy, The Hampden Patriot, and The Massachusetts Gazette, which all documented key events throughout American history.

History of Springfield Massachusetts Newspapers:

In 1865, The Republican was published and was one of the most influential papers in Massachusetts during this time. The Republican newspaper outlined the founding ideology of the Republican party of the United States government. This publication brought forth the issues of slavery and highlighted the main principles of the Republican party. The Republican was just one of many newspapers that voiced an opposing opinion on the current American government.

Search your family name or ancestors and find their names featured in Springfield Massachusetts newspapers. Discover more than just a date, discover the events that shaped your ancestors. Whether they were involved in early American history or placed their roots later, uncover your family heritage. Our extensive collection of newspapers, historical documents, obituaries, and books provide valuable details to help you understand more about your family history. Start your family history search today!

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