Springfield Union (Springfield, Massachusetts) Newspaper Archives (1864 - 1989)

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The Springfield Union Archives & Tracing Your Family History

Can you trace your family lineage to Massachusetts? If so, your ancestors could have been involved in the many events that have shaped America as we know it today. From the days as a colony to the Civil War and beyond, search newspaper articles, obituaries, and more to discover the stories behind names on your family tree or fill in the missing information. 

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History of The Springfield Union Newspaper

During the 1800’s, Massachusetts had several newspapers and publications in circulation. Eventually, the Springfield Union merged with one of the most influential publications in American Politics at this time, The Republican. Find full publications dating back to 1864 and learn more about life for your ancestors during the defining moments of American history. 

If you or your family lived or worked in Springfield, Massachusetts, they may have had a story or two published about them in the local and state newspapers. From the state fair winners to prominent community members, find out who your ancestor was with our Springfield Union Newspaper Archives. Discover the unknown stories of your family heritage and fill the blank spaces with the genealogy records found in our database. 

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