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Discover more about your ancestors than names and dates in Massachusetts newspapers. Get to know your ancestors' stories—the lives they lived, their hardships and triumphs. Family trees are just not complete without the details available in MA newspapers.

Massachusetts Newspaper Archives

At GenealogyBank, we have compiled years of articles, obituaries, and publications to build our Massachusetts newspaper archives. Our extensive archives include valuable information on America’s earliest years, including stories and events from our founding settlers.

Back in 1690, Massachusetts was the very first state to publish a newspaper in America. The name of the multi-page publication, Publick Occurrences, summarized the tense interactions between the settlers and the local Indians. Unfortunately, the paper was forbidden by the Colonial Council after just one publication due to “false reports.”

Then in 1704, The Boston Newsletter was the next major newspaper to be published in the area. From that point forward, local publications were springing up all over Massachusetts, documenting local events, European politics, and status updates on the American Revolution. These newspapers are among the oldest documented articles in American History today and an invaluable genealogical resource.

Massachusetts played a pivotal role in many events tied to our nation’s history, from early Pilgrims to the our fight for independence. These defining events from the beginning of American History were documented in local publications and newspapers.

GenealogyBank’s historic Massachusetts newspaper online archives provide a glimpse of what life was like for our early settlers and on. Not only do these papers provide a greater understanding of American history, but it also opens a world of genealogical information helping you to learn more about your family lineage. Whether you know your family history dates back to the Mayflower passengers and looking for new details and stories, or your family roots start later on, start searching by name, date, and/or keyword. Trace your family history today!

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