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Using genealogy records found in our Detroit newspaper collection you can trace your family history. Who knows what you’ll find. Were your ancestors one of the early immigrants who helped build the city? Or maybe, they were involved in the underground railroad (Detroit played a key role for runaway slaves due to it’s proximity to the Canada-US border.) Or maybe your ancestors helped Michigan gain admission into the Union? 

History of Detroit

During the 19th century, Detroit had turned from a small trading village to a successful industrial city. This in part was due to its pristine location on the Detroit River, as well as its railway system that had been developed during the Industrial Revolution. Major corporations and industries made Detroit their headquarters, which boosted the city's economy and created jobs for locals and immigrants alike. Detroit served as Michigan’s capital from 1837 until 1847 when the state finally became part of the Union.

In the 20th century, Detroit entered into the automotive industry, which sparked the city’s development even more. Skyscrapers with advanced and modern architecture began popping up everywhere, giving the city its unique skyline that it’s famously known for. Even to this day, Detroit has one of the largest metropolitan areas in all of the United States.

If you have French, English, Irish, or German heritage, find out if your ancestors lived in Detroit. Historic articles found in our Detroit news archives are full of untold stories and historical events that have been preserved in time to help you uncover your lineage. Our  Detroit newspaper archives can help you learn more about your family history through articles, announcements, obituaries, and more. If you do not find any search results that are specifically associated with Detroit Michigan, try searching nearby cities and states that may also provide you with further information about your family history. Search our Detroit, Michigan newspaper archives and discover the untold stories of your ancestors

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