Flint Journal (Flint, Michigan) Newspaper Archives (1898 - 1922)

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Flint Journal Newspaper Archives

At GenealogyBank, our Flint Journal archives offers an extensive list of publications,newspaper articles, and obituaries to help you explore your ancestor’s lives and go beyond a simple family tree. With just a quick search on our easy to use database, you can learn more about your ancestors living in Flint, Michigan during 1898 to 1922. Not only will you learn about local Flint history with our Flint Journal newspaper archives, but you will also uncover the hidden stories of your family heritage.

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History of the Flint Journal:

In 1876, the Flint Journal was founded by Charles Fellows and Washington Irving Beardsley. This publication featured local articles, advertisements, and other relevant news stories that pertained to Flint and other nearby cities.

The Flint Journal documented many important events in Michigan’s history. Today, historians are able to use this information to gain a greater insight into American history. Founded during the lumber boom, the Flint Journal documents the changing city.

Throughout history, Flint has been known for its involvement with the automotive industry. In fact, local entrepreneur William C. Durant founded General Motors and opened their first headquarters in this very city. General Motors was headquartered in Flint for over 20 years, until they eventually moved to Detroit, Michigan. From that point forward, Flint became home to several other automotive factories as the industry quickly expanded.

Our Flint Journal archives are also a perfect way to learn more about your ancestry. Find advertisements, birth and marriage announcements, legal notices and more, all giving you more details into the daily lives of your ancestors. The Flint Journal archives provide you with more than a name or date; our archives tell stories of your ancestors and capture the essence of everyday life during this historical time period.

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