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Do you have family members from Grand Rapids, Michigan? If so, then your ancestors could have been among the many immigrants that settled in this city during the1800’s. Who knows, maybe they were one of the skilled craftsmen or business owners who helped the city earn its title as America’s largest furniture city. 


History of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Standing as the second largest city in Michigan, Grand Rapids has a rich history. With a booming furniture industry and an influx of immigration, Grand Rapids had an evolving economy supported by a diverse group of workers and craftsmen. Because of this city's high supply of timber, businesses began to produce fine wooden furniture and was later recognized as America’s largest furniture city. It was also coined with the nickname “River City” due to it’s pristine location on the Grand River.

Attracted by the opportunities, many nationalities immigrated and settled in Grand Rapids including Dutch, French Canadian, and Polish. If your ancestors settled in Grand Rapids, Michigan during the 1800’s, you may find their names and stories in one of the many local newspapers. Trace your family history through the stories, announcements, and other vital genealogy records found in our Great Rapids newspaper archives. 

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