Jackson Citizen Patriot (Jackson, Michigan) Newspaper Archives (1865 - 1922)

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Did you know that the city of Jackson was the birthplace of the Republican Party in Michigan? In fact, the first meeting ever held by Republicans was right in this very city. Find your if your ancestors were involved in these historic events and learn more about their lives during this period. Search by name(s), date(s), and keywords to trace your family history. 

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Find Your Ancestors in the Jackson Citizen Patriot

This local newspaper documented years of local events from 1865 to 1922 and was a popular publication throughout Jackson as well as other nearby states. With full publications dating back to 1865, search for your relatives and watch your family history unfold before you. Find out if your ancestors were involved with the formation of the Republican party (or perhaps an opponent) and learn more about the events big and small of Jackson, Michigan in the Jackson Citizen Patriot newspaper archives. 

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