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With cheap and fertile land, Mississippi attracted many settlers from Northern Europe and the founding colonies. Discover the lives of Mississippi’s earliest residents as captured in old newspaper stories. With articles dating back to 1802, 15 years before Mississippi joined the Union, these archives provide a wealth of information about your ancestors as well as key events in American history. Search our extensive database of Mississippi newspaper archives to uncover your family history and understand the role your ancestors played in American history.


History of Mississippi

Starting in the early 19th century, Mississippi attracted many settlers to this newly established area of the United States due to its fertile, abundant, and affordable land. The majority of these settlers were from England, Scotland and other Northern European countries.

Due to its pristine location for trading and traveling, Mississippi also became a centralized hub for slavery, which increased the production of cotton by making it more affordable. Once the cotton gin was invented, white settlers and merchants began to establish Mississippi as their home, taking advantage of its excellent cotton-growing land and nearby water sources. The state soon became one of the largest producers of cotton in the entire United States.

Once the Civil War broke out during the 1800’s, Mississippi quickly sided with the Confederate party. Due to its easily accessible location on the waterfront, Mississippi became a popular location for many historical battles. In the years following the Civil War, Mississippi went through a period of reconstruction that was faced with internal problems revolved around the issue of inequality. Despite joining the Union in 1817 after the Civil War, Mississippi seceded in 1861. Were your ancestors involved in these key events? Whether they were actively involved in local, state or national politics, or citizens, newspapers captured the daily lives of our ancestors. Find out what role your family members played and discover unknown stories.

If you have family from the south, look through old Mississippi newspapers to uncover unique stories of your ancestors. With just a name and date, you will be able to access a world of historical information, readily available right at your fingertips. Start your search today with GenealogyBank’s extensive online database of articles, obituaries, announcements, and more. 

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