Kansas City Star (Kansas City, Missouri) Newspaper Archives (1880 - 1990)

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Kansas City Star Newspaper Archives

Originally called The Kansas City Evening Star, this newspaper was first published in 1880, and became one of the most influential publications in all of Missouri. Newspapers are full of surprising facts and stories about our ancestors and The KC Star is no different. In addition to finding more details of your family history, you may find some early work of Ernest Hemingway, who served as a reporter.

If you ancestors lived or worked in Kansas City, our online database of Kansas City Star archives can help you learn the stories behind the people. Our extensive database includes Kansas City Star obituaries, newspaper articles, announcements, classifieds and more. Use each genealogy record to discover new details about your family history. With just a name and date, you will be able to access a world of information with our KC star archives. 

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History of the Kansas City Star

Not only was this paper a recipient of eight Pulitzer Prizes, but it was also the workplace of former President Harry Truman during his younger years. Aside from these incredible accomplishments, the Kansas City Star was also an outlet for famous author, Ernest Hemingway. As a reporter for The Kansas City Star, he was able to sharpen his unique writing style, and develop his skill into a true talent.  

During the 1920’s, The Star documented the nomination of Iowa-native, Herbert Hoover for the Republican Party.  During the 1928 election, The Kansas City Star vocalized their support for the Republican Party throughout their publications and articles

To learn more about your ancestors during this time in American history, search our Kansas City Star newspaper archives for more detailed information. This extensive database preserves significant dates, historical events, and more. Begin your search today with the Kansas City Star archives.

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