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James Butterfield
scandalous affair, eloped with Mrs Howe.
Daily Missouri Democrat
St. Louis, Missouri
October 10, 1873 - Page 2

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Peter verhorst
building permit for erection of new building
Daily Missouri Democrat
St. Louis, Missouri
April 21, 1875 - Page 4

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waterman sword
St Louis Republic
Saint Louis, Missouri
December 6, 1901 - Page 9

Clipped 8 days ago

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Kansas City daily journal
Kansas City, Missouri
March 19, 1898 - Page 10

Clipped 9 days ago

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Missouri Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Newspapers are likely the only surviving documentation of the daily lives of your ancestors. Daily newspapers covered the news, reported on events, and recorded the births, marriages and deaths of the people in their community and beyond. Rich or poor, each of us makes it into the newspaper at least once—but the papers themselves record the daily pace of life unfolding around us.

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