Omaha World-Herald (Omaha, Nebraska) Newspaper Archives (1885 - 1983)

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Omaha, Nebraska: Tracing Your Ancestry

The Progressive Era of the 20th century was a time of evolution for the state of Nebraska. Not only was the newly established state defining themselves as independent, but it also became home to many European immigrants, making it a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. In fact, Immigration was so profound in this city that by the 1920’s, at least 50 percent of the inhabitants were from outside the United States. Answer questions about your heritage and find out if your ancestors lived or worked in Omaha, Nebraska by searching your family name. Use dates and keywords to help narrow your search. 

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History of The Omaha World-Herald Newspaper

Originally known as the Omaha Evening World Paper, the Omaha World-Herald is a publication that covered the state of Nebraska as well as other nearby areas. Since 1885 this paper documented local, national, and international news.

With full publications dating back to 1885, find the stories, people, and events which transformed Nebraska's and the greater United States. Was your ancestor involved in the 19th-century events that helped Nebraska become a more established state within America? Were they a local politician or perhaps an innovative entrepreneur...? Find out more than just their name. Discover the details that defined your ancestors. 

If you have family from this area and want to learn more about your heritage, use our Omaha World-Herald Newspaper Archives. This extensive database is filled with valuable information including old articles, Omaha obituaries, and wedding and birth announcements. All of these genealogical resources can help you find the untold stories of your ancestors and build your family tree.

Start or continue your family history search with the Omaha World-Herald Newspaper Archives!

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