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Shoots Toe - DePeder, Thomas
Las Vegas age
Las Vegas, Nevada

Clipped 2 days ago

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Obituary of JJ Taylor
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas, Nevada

Clipped 4 days ago

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Hicks, Robert C
Obituary, no survivors listed
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas, Nevada

Clipped 8 days ago

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END of TV TANDEN Las Vegas Review-Journal Monday, Feb 04, 2002 Las Vegas, NV Page: 32
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Las Vegas, Nevada

Clipped 9 days ago

Find Your Family History in Nevada Newspaper Archives

Dive into our collection of Nevada newspaper archives and learn about the events and records of your ancestor’s daily lives in Nevada. Were they amongst the Mormon missionaries that helped to found the first settlement of Mormon Station? Did they settle in the newly acquired lands following the U.S. victory in the Mexican-American War? Discover the answers to these and more in local Nevada newspapers.

Get to know your family members by perusing the public records of the day. Much of Nevada communities that were not Mormon settlements were mining towns. Did your family members come to mine the Comstock Lode during the Great Nevada Silver Boom? Or maybe they instead sought and found their providence in the gambling halls of the mining towns, which would later give birth to Las Vegas? Over the years, the local newspapers recorded all the important happenings during these times. Now you can learn about the national events that shaped your family's fortunes.

Nevada old article about Crew Dog

Nevada Genealogy in Newspaper Archives

Use these historic articles to uncover untold stories of your Nevada genealogy. There is a plethora of information about your family just waiting to be discovered. Collections of papers such as the White Pine News, the Reno Weekly Gazette, the Virginia Evening Chronicle, the Free Press, and others can teach you so much about your brood. Bring the past to life! Get started today.