Jersey City, New Jersey, Newspaper Archives (1840 - 1999)

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Jersey City, New Jersey, Newspaper Archives

Explore your family history in New Jersey through historic articles and news stories captured in the daily newspapers. Our Jersey City newspaper archives collection includes the popular publications, The Daily Telegraph, Jersey City News, The Jersey Journal, and more.

With full publications dating back to 1840, our Jersey City newspaper archives can help you uncover the daily lives of your ancestors. Search articles, photos, announcements, advertisements, and more published in the daily papers to learn about your New Jersey ancestors.

Historic Jersey City: Home to Many European Immigrants

Jersey City was an important landmark for numerous events in American history. Starting in the 1660’s, Jersey City became home to settlers and European explorers seeking new territory in the New World.

Later in the 19th and 20th centuries, Jersey City transformed into a docking and manufacturing port. The City became a popular destination for many European immigrants and was a widely sought-after location due to its opportunities for employment within the manufacturing industry. Additionally, Jersey City played a role during the CIvil War as one of the destinations of the four Underground Railroad routes.

As an important landmark for various events in American History, the Jersey City newspapers provide a rich resource of the daily lives - the trials and triumphs of our ancestors. Find out if your ancestors played a role in these events and add more details to your family tree. Search for your ancestors by name, date, or keyword and trace your heritage back to Jersey City residents.

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