Jersey Journal (Jersey City, New Jersey) Newspaper Archives (1867 - 1999)

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Jersey Journal Newspaper Archives

Have you ever wondered about your family’s heritage, but don’t know where to start? For people who have grown up in New Jersey, or have family that were raised there, our Jersey Journal newspaper archives can unfold a whole new world into your ancestry. At GenealogyBank, our Jersey Journal articles provide a view of what life was like for our previous generations before us.

The Jersey Journal Archives highlights historical events, untold stories, and hidden secrets that can give you with a whole new understanding of your ancestors. Plus, search the Jersey Journal obituaries to learn intimate stories about your ancestors.

GenealogyBank’s Jersey Journal Archives

Our Jersey Journal newspaper archives include articles, photos, and more from 1867-1977. With just a simple search you can easily start uncovering your family history. Whether your know your ancestors first and last name or just starting a search from your last name, our online database includes over 2 billion records to will help your ancestry search. There is no better time than now to discover your family history!

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History of the Jersey Journal

In 1867, the first edition of the Jersey Journal was created. During that time, this editorial was called the Evening Journal, and didn’t evolve to their current name until 1909. William Dunning and Zebina K. Pangborn were the first two founders of this historical newspaper located in Jersey City. Jersey Journal articles covered captivating topics that were politically and culturally affecting their community during this historical time period.

In 1951, the publication merged with another local paper called the Jersey Observer. Together these newspapers covered relevant events throughout American history.

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