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Walter E Heinzemann Verona died sept 11, 1975
Newark Star-Ledger
Newark, New Jersey
September 13, 1975 - Page 10

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Varley Joseph D
Newark Star-Ledger
Newark, New Jersey
May 30, 1949 - Page 17

Clipped 10 hours ago

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Charles Prout obit
25 Aug. 1869
Centinel Of Freedom
Newark, New Jersey
August 31, 1869 - Page [3]

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Dorothy King TOOHEY's brother Allen(Buddy) obit
Newark Star-Ledger
Newark, New Jersey
July 18, 1971 - Page 30

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From its Puritan roots in the 1660s, to the American Revolution, to a destination for German and Irish immigrants in the 19th century, Newark, NJ has had a diverse history. Whether you know your ancestors were early colonists living in Newark or later immigrants, use our Newark newspaper archives to trace your family roots. With full publications from 1776 to 1984, our database of Newark newspapers and obituaries can help you uncover unknown stories and events of your ancestors. 

History of Newark, Jersey

In 1776, Newark, New Jersey served as an encampment for the Continental Army in their fight for independence. Learn more about this period in Newark newspaper archives. 

Following American Independence, in the 19th century, Newark became a successful leather manufacturer and produced 90% of America’s leather. By 1870, the leather industry had built a strong economy in Newark, bringing in over 8.6 million dollars of revenue in just one year’s time. Another industry that supported the Newark economy was its railroad systems. With the addition of the railroad industry, Newark began shipping merchandise throughout the country, which helped to establish themselves as a prosperous industrial city.

By the 19th century, Newark’s economy continued to rise, as well as their population. Irish and German immigrants made Newark their home and set up their own specialized enterprises including breweries and newspaper companies. Also during this period, an insurance industry began to rise, which is still a significant part of the economy today.

Throughout the 1900’s, Newark became a growing city with their population increasing year after year. Unfortunately, by the 1960’s, the effects of the Great Depression had finally taken its toll on Newark. The businesses and corporations that once operated in this city were either closed down or moved to other cities. Even after the Great Depression, Newark continued to struggle to rebuild themselves as a successful city.

Today, Newark is one of the nation’s major ports and 70th largest city. Learn about the city’s history and discover the daily lives of your ancestors living or working in Newark through our collection of Newark, New Jersey newspaper archives. To search beyond Newark, see browse our full database of New Jersey newspaper archives online

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