Newark Star-Ledger (Newark, New Jersey) Newspaper Archives (1945 - 1990)

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Find your ancestors in the Star-Ledger archives to learn more about their daily lives and the events that defined their lives. With full publications from 1964-1984, tracing your family history in Newark starts with a simple search. Our collection of Newark Star-Ledger archives includes obituaries, wedding and birth announcements, local news, and more. Discover intimate stories and fond memories with the Star-Ledger obituaries and learn more than just names and dates of your ancestors.


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Founded in 1666, Newark was the third settlement that was founded in New Jersey. Newark began to grow rapidly in the early 19th century and they became the leading manufacturer of leather in the United States. In the late 19th century, many German and Irish immigrants settled in the city because of the booming industries Newark supported. As the largest city in New Jersey, Newark was home to many important events in United State’s history. Our online newspaper collection includes all of the major Newark newspapers. You can search for your ancestors in all Newark papers or specific newspapers such as the Star-Ledger

History of the Newark Star-Ledger

Known as New Jersey’s largest circulated newspaper, The Newark Star-Ledger is a local publication that has been around since 1939. When The Newark Star Eagle and The Newark Ledger joined together, The Newark Star-Ledger was finally born. From that point forward, the publication quickly gained popularity and eventually surpassed their main competitor during the 1960’s. The Star-Ledger continues to be published today and is now partnered with several other local publications such as The Times of Trenton, The Staten Island Advance, and the Jersey Journal.

At GenealogyBank, we believe that there’s much more to your family history than just names and dates. With our newspaper collection, you can do just that. Search our Newark Star-Ledger archives and uncover long-lost family members and unknown facts about your ancestors. 

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