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New Jersey Newspaper Archives

Get ready to uncover your ancestry with our New Jersey newspaper online database. This influential state was one of the first 13 colonies, and played an active role in the development of American history. Newspapers are a critical resource in tracing your ancestors and New Jersey genealogy. Our collection of New Jersey newspaper archives include full publications from over 20 major cities in New Jersey with obituaries, announcements, and historical articles to help you discover details of your ancestors. 

History of New Jersey

In 1776, New Jersey was one of the thirteen colonies who had just established themselves as an independent state against British rule under the Declaration of Independence. With their newly established freedom, New Jersey became one of the founding states of America. By 1779, New Jersey representatives signed the first American constitution,  The Articles of Confederation.

By the 19th century, New Jersey was a leading force during the Industrial Revolution, especially in the railroad industry. Within this same time frame, the state became an active participant in the Civil War, sending thousands of troops to support the union.

Following the Industrial Revolution, New Jersey thrived until the Great Depression hit during the 1930s. Their economy continued to weaken throughout World War II and the Cold War, causing hardships for most New Jersey citizens. Finally in the late 19th century, the state reestablished themselves as a leading force after creating a new port system.

To learn more about American history and your ancestry rooted in New Jersey, search our NJ newspaper archives.

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