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NOLAND, Samuel
Mortuary Notice
Albuquerque Journal
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Clipped 5 days ago

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DePeder, George
Carlsbad current and New Mexico sun
Carlsbad, New Mexico

Clipped 11 days ago

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Saloon Closed
Santa Fe daily New Mexican
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Clipped 11 days ago

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ancestry - fb
Wagon Mound, New Mexico

Clipped 21 days ago

Find Your Family History in New Mexico Newspaper Archives

The first written records of New Mexico came from the Spanish Conquistadors as they explored the area in the 16th century. New Mexico was governed as a territory until being admitted to the United States in 1912. Our collection of New Mexico digital newspaper archives date from 1844 all the way to 1973. Within them, you will find a vast range of stories involving New Mexico's early settlement and economy. New Mexico was known for its mining economy and building the first nuclear weapons at a government research center in Los Alamos.

Were your ancestors involved in the prosperous mining economy of New Mexico? Did your ancestors have involvement in creating the first nuclear weapons in Los Alamos? Find answers to these questions and more by searching our historical newspaper archives. Discover details and stories of your family history today with publications like San Marcial and Silver City!

New Mexico Genealogy in Newspapers

Historical newspaper articles are fantastic genealogical resources that can provide valuable stories and details of your family history. Genealogists use newspapers to search for birth announcements, death announcements, birth announcements, marriage announcements, obituaries, and more. Discover missing links in your family tree and connect with family traditions and culture using the New Mexico Genealogy newspaper archives today!