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As one of the 13 colonies, New York newspapers have captured and preserved American history and daily life of our country’s earliest residents. With historic New York newspapers dating back to 1730, discover your ancestors’ role in the fight for independence through modern day America.

Our New York newspaper archives include full publications from across the state. Find historic articles, announcements, obituaries, and other more that hold the hidden stories of your family’s past. 

New York History

From the American Revolution to the Civil War to current day, New York plays a pivotal role in shaping American history. Due to their coastal location, New York quickly became one of the most advanced transportation states in all of America. The invention of the steamboat, the Erie Canal, and their newly established rail service all contributed to their transportation system which made it easier to trade with other states. 

During the 19th century, New York was flooded by a wave of European immigrants, especially from Ireland. New York became a symbol of hope to millions of Europeans, which became the most desired state during the 1840’s. Then in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was built, standing as an icon of freedom to locals and immigrants alike.

Search our archives of old New York newspapers to see if your ancestors helped build the Brooklyn Bridge in 1869, went to the opening of the Statue of Liberty, or participated in New York’s World Fair, and much more. Discover exciting stories and defining events of your ancestors as captured in newspaper articles, announcements, obituaries, and more. Start searching our NY newspaper archives to trace your family lineage with GenealogyBank today!

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