Buffalo, New York, Newspaper Archives (1815 - 1876)

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Buffalo, New York, Newspaper Archives

Buffalo newspapers documented key events that impacted the city and American history.  From the construction of the Erie Canal to its role in the underground railroad, Buffalo helped shape modern day America. Learn more about these events and daily life for Buffalo residents in our Buffalo newspaper archives. Were your ancestors involved? A simple search by name or date can help you uncover your family heritage.

These Buffalo news archives include full publications from 1815-1876 and are full of interesting stories, announcements, and obituaries to provide you with a greater understanding of your ancestors. 

History of Buffalo

In the aftermath of the War of 1812, British Troops captured Buffalo and burned it to the ground. It wasn’t until the creation of the Erie Canal in 1825 that the city finally turned around. With this new passageway, Buffalo’s population increased and the city was able to build a thriving economy and establish themselves as an official city. Shortly after the creation of the Erie Canal, steel and grain milling became successful industries, which further strengthened the economy throughout Buffalo.

During the 19th century, Buffalo also became a key participant in the underground railroad. Local abolitionists and sympathizers from Buffalo helped African Americans escape from slavery by fleeing to Fort Erie, Niagara River, and even Canada.

Our comprehensive Buffalo newspaper archives online database captures not only local events in Buffalo, but also national news across the United States as well. At GenealogyBank, our goal is to connect you with your genealogy. Begin your search today and discover your family heritage. 

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