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Find stories of your ancestors in our online Charlotte Observer newspaper archives. Uncover their daily life through the stories, marriage and birth announcements, and obituaries. Were the involved in one of the Civil War battles? Or perhaps they were a local politician or notable entrepreneur? Start your search with a name. 

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History of the Charlotte Observer

When the Observer purchased the Charlotte News in 1959, the Charlotte Observer was born and became an official publication for the state of North Carolina.The Charlotte Observer was a local publication in the North Carolina area that covered the counties of Iredell, Cabarrus, Union, Lancaster, York, and many others. Within this newspaper’s history, it was one of the selected publications of the famous Knight Ridder publishing group. This chain included some of the most influential and successful local papers throughout this area of the United States. Some of the publications under the same management included The Philadelphia Inquirer, Detroit Free Press, and Kansas City Star just to name a few.

For anyone with ancestors living or working in Charlotte or other areas in North Carolina, search our extensive database of full newspaper articles. These articles go far beyond a family tree, these archives reveal the hidden recollections and stories of your deceased family members.

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