Cleveland, Ohio, Newspaper Archives (1818 - 1991)

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Cleveland, Ohio Newspaper Archives

Our Cleveland newspaper archives highlight key historical events in Ohio during 1827 to 1991. Search newspaper articles, announcements, and obituaries, to uncover the stories of your ancestors. At GenealogyBank, we have an extensive database of articles from relevant publications such as the Cleveland Whig, the Cleveland Gazette, and the Cleveland Leader. Our Cleveland Ohio Newspaper archives contain newspaper publications to help you uncover your family heritage. Search our database using one or all of these publications to start tracing your family history and discover more than just names and dates.

As our archives demonstrate, many defining events occurred in Cleveland that have contributed to its unique history today. Not only was it the location for the first Republican National Convention in 1856, but it was also home to John D. Rockefeller, one of the richest men in American History.

Throughout the years, Cleveland, Ohio has always had a rich history that has been documented in many of their local publications. A critical period for Cleveland was during the 19th century as it was a booming industrial city. Cleveland quickly became one of the largest cities in the United States due to their rising coal and steel industries. However, once the Great Depression hit in 1929, local Cleveland citizens were quickly devastated, leaving a third of their residents unemployed. Although a difficult time, newspapers captured the daily struggles of Cleveland residents. Today, historical newspaper articles are an invaluable resource for uncovering unknown facts about your heritage.

Our unique Cleveland Newspaper archives capture not only local events in Cleveland, but also national news across the United States as well. With these archives, you can gain a greater understanding and appreciation for your ancestors. At GenealogyBank, our goal is to make it easier for you to discover your genealogy. Begin your Cleveland, Ohio search today to uncover untold stories and events in your family heritage.

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