Cherokee Advocate (Tahlequah, Oklahoma) Newspaper Archives (1845 - 1897)

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Explore Your Family History in The Cherokee Advocate

Did you know that the Cherokee Advocate was the first tribal newspaper ever produced? This publication from Tahlequah, Oklahoma was in operation from 1844 to 1906 and served as a platform for local Cherokees to voice their opinions on local matters. These articles represent what life was like not only for the local tribe but also early Oklahoma settlers as well. 

If you have Native American ancestors it is possible that you can find stories of your relatives preserved in the pages of the Cherokee Advocate. To learn more about your family history and ancestors living or working nearby Tahlequah, Oklahoma, search by name, date, and/or keyword. 

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History of the Cherokee Advocate Newspaper

“Our Rights, Our Country, Our Race” was the motto for the Cherokee Advocate. This publication served as the main source of information for the local Cherokee tribe regarding their people as well as the rest of the United States. The newspaper was printed in both Cherokee and English and preserved stories of our ancestors.

Our database includes full publications of the Cherokee Advocate from its first edition to its last in 1897. Discover the people behind the names and learn more about life for the Cherokee tribe during this time period. 

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