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For such a small state, Rhode Island’s history is large and robust, and all is captured in newspapers. Our collection of Rhode Island newspapers date back to 1732 and document the events that influenced the course of history. Discover if your ancestors played a role in one of the many pivotal events in Rhode Island and American History.

Discover Your Family History in Rhode Island Newspaper Archives

Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams, who was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony because of his radical belief of the separation of church and state. This belief in religious freedom was the foundation of Rhode Island and carried through the history of the state. Rhode Island was the first of the colonies to emancipate from the grips of England, was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution and played a major role in the Civil War.

Rhode Island Genealogy in Newspapers

Newspapers are valuable genealogy resources. Newspapers not only captured local and national news and events, but they also contain vital records like marriage announcements, community events, death records, birth announcements, and pictures. With all the information contained in historical Rhode Island newspapers, you can uncover the lives your ancestors lived throughout history. Gain a deeper understanding of your Rhode Island genealogy through our collection of newspapers.

Find out what role your ancestors played during the development of the country, how they may have influenced the course of Rhode Island history, or simply what their day-to-day lives were like. Search our online newspaper archives and discover your Rhode Island genealogy.

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